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The day that is next took our time and traveled further south. We don`t stop until we got to Los Angeles Jolla. We got a nice motel here along the coastline and remained for three nights. We remained nearby the motel, seeing the sights in and near La Jolla. It seemed safe there as well as the certain area had been very beautiful!
I was still shook up from the past experiences that are bad and I stayed close to my hubby for security anywhere we went.
The day that is last of journey we went to San Diego and toured a battleship. Then we went to Coronado Island sight seeing and had a late meal over searching the harbor there.
I happened to be very ready to go home the overnight when we travelled away from north park. I said I would never go to California once more!
I may consume my terms someday and go to north California. But I would personally prefer to go here with buddies that understand the area perfectly.
We do not understand if it was simply our misfortune that is bad or these frightening incidents happen usually to tourists in California and it`s also only a big, well kept, key. If you go touring in California or other places near the Mexican border, and out west for instance, do your homework! Particularly on travel safety! Find out whatever you possibly can about the degrees of criminal activity within the areas you`re traveling through. Then learn travel safety precautions and stay conscious of just what to expect. Also prepare for the unexpected!
We have been many other places in a complete large amount of other states, and never experienced this form of terror or such a thing close to it we experienced in California. It in fact was a adventure that is real more methods than we ever thought feasible!
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